God, I have heard you say two things.

One is that you, God, are strong.

The other is that you, Lord, are loving…”

Psalm 62.

For the longest time I’ve prayed for God to take away every challenge or cause for anxiety that came my way.

You see, just like David, I struggle with fear, anxiety and worry (though I suspect I am not alone).

Is God really loving, merciful, powerful, and able? Are his sovereign plans good for my life? Does he really have my best interest at heart, especially when I face so many apprehension-inducing experiences everyday?

I wish I were more like David.  Then I could speak fervently to my wondering, wandering mind; recalling all those times when God has ‘shown up’; causing my heart to trust God.

That’s what I am doing today.  Using David’s tools (reflection and thanksgiving), to remind myself about God’s role in my life. It’s often not about our circumstances but our perspective about God’s function in those circumstances.

It is very difficult to trust in God, TRUST, in the very sense of the word. Yes He requires that of us, to trust His plan, His answer even when it is not what we hope for, and to trust His heart, that whatever he allows to come our way, His intentions are good, He is good.

Here are 3 reasons I choose to say “truly-only-surely God” to my concerns today. What are yours?

1. God just planned a truly inspiring one month vacation for me, taking me to places I’ve always wanted to see and filling the trip with wonderful experiences. And just that action of having greater plans for me than I know, or could plan or imagine, makes me so sure that He loves me and has my best interest at heart.

2. The vacation time was extra special because of the loving kindness of friends (taking time off work, flying to the other side of the country to see me, driving me to places 5, 6, 7 hours away etc.).  Without a doubt, God brought them into my life. I look back on the years of friendship and know without a doubt that it is God that brought these lovely ladies into my life, and I feel truly loved.

3. Three weeks ago today, a speeding drunk driver pummeled into the back of the car I was driving.  The impact threw us about 10 meters forward, detonating the other driver’s airbags and smashing our boot and back seat into scrap metal. Thankfully, my passenger and I are fine.  We were both seated on the front seats with our seatbelts fastened; barely two minutes before the accident, she’d chosen to move from the back seat to the front seat. I shudder to think what would have happened, had she remained at the back.

The car has since been considered a total constructive loss (meaning it’s written-off). When I look back on that day, so many things could have gone differently. I know without a doubt that God saved us; He is loving and present.

What experiences remind you that “truly-only-surely God is for you”?


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