Becoming more of yourself

I keep pondering the underlying reasons for my public writing (read: this blog). Well, i know it has a lot to do with the fact that I always have something to say. More often than not, I have an experience, a thought, an inspiration, a conversation, a moment that I would like to re-tell or very-well shout out from the mountain-tops. Sharing life is my default.

I was group- chatting with two of my friends the other day, when the conversation turned to the men they married. Note, there are three persons talking so forgive me if it’s a little bit hard to follow for some of you. Some parts have been edited to improve the flow.

A: Why did X cancel the wedding?
B: Was he marrying a Ugandan?
A: Yeah, they broke up… men raised by a single mother are a project; he is no exception even though I love him, it is true.
A: Mami’s boy is a nightmare.
B: I so know that story.
C: Wow…i had heard they were a nightmare but it’s like having firsthand knowledge now…
B: is your hubby from a single parent?
A: I married one
C: really?
A: i am married to one too
C: Which is why God is going to give us all loving relationships, men to father our children etc…
B: so C learn from us
C: lol…
C: well, at this rate i will be the old maid…i better learn quick.
C: Oh B, your husband’s mum is a is single mum too?
C: Hadn’t thought of that.
C: you should write a book…lol…
B: i think it is just an experience
B: because if someone told me that single-mummy-boys had issues i would say….but i love him…
C: and now what would you say?
A: i would say…..
A: not all of them are horrible
A: but remember the statements we have heard over and over and over again
B: take time….don’t think you can oversee everything…most men have a measure of good in them
A: character
A: loving God
A: how he treats his parents and the waiter
A: honestly evaluate his weakness and see if you can live them
A: because he will only become more of himself
A: more of the annoying
A: more of the bad character
A: more of treating you bad, if he did sometimes while you were not married
B totally agree!
A: more unreliable if he was before
A: more…of himself
C: wow…
A: that is what i would say.
C: this sounds like wisdom to me…
C: i wanna whip this into an article for my blog…lol..i am a born sharer…never want to learn something without shouting it from the rooftops for others to hear…
C: sigh.
B: someone once said
B: when you get into marriage you get with one eye closed
B: because if you go in there with both of them open, the faults you see are too many
C: yeah we are faulty-broken selves…



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