Breaking Gender Barriers…

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I met this man at the hair-salon today. He was rocking a little boy on his back while scrubbing and blow-drying a female client’s hair. He seemed in his element and unaware of the multiple gender myths he was shattering. So, I secretly whipped out my (very low quality – sorry) camera phone and took a few shots. In retrospect, i realize that I should have walked up to him and congratulated him. Next time, i will. Today i applaud this 21st century male!!

This is an ordinary neighborhood salon in Zone B, Dakar, Senegal. You know the kind that is built as an extension to the main house (to bring in extra income for the wife).

This week Chris Adwar’s sister, Nancy passed on. I would like to think that his sister is in heaven dancing to this tune…….in heaven even i will be a fantastic dancer:-).


2 thoughts on “Breaking Gender Barriers…

  1. Oh my, this is so wonderful!!!! It’s so sad that there are some who refuse to even boil water in the kitchen!!!

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